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Cruise to Catalina Island and stay overnight in one of many Catalina Island condo rentals available through Catalina Getaway Rentals. Catalina Getaway Rentals offers vacation rentals by the day, week or weekend allowing you to experience a unique Catalina Island vacation for the entire family.
When you book with Catalina Getaway Rentals, your accommodations include: housekeeping, towels, linen, DVD players and most have fully equipped kitchens should you choose a quiet, relaxing stay-at-home atmosphere. Most vacation condos and resort homes are equipped with microwaves, Bar-B-Ques, washers, dryers, courtesy telephones, and scenic views.
With over 50 years in business, we offer a wide range of Catalina Island condo rentals, to suit your budget including: Catalina Island's exclusive Hamilton Cove resort. Whether you stay a day, a weekend, or a week, we can help find a vacation rental to suit your needs. If you enjoy the Catalina Island resorts and temperature, we also offer homes and condos for sale.
  All properties are subject to a 12% bed tax.
All rates listed on this site are Summer rates and subject to change.
Call for off-season rates at very nice savings!
"We Bend Over Backwards With Friendly, Professional Service"
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